Chef Jeff and the Naturopath

Simple whole food for a simple healthy life!


Jeff and Catherine are two ordinary people who work well in the kitchen together.

They live in a lovely sunny apartment in a beautiful leafy inner south suburb of Canberra, Australia.

Next to healthy whole food, travel is their other favourite past time.


Jeff is the CEO of his busy life, and although officially retired from mainstream work, he is kept busy as the couples’ Travel Manager, Fund (or Fun) Manager and Official Catering Officer, while Catherine follows her passion and goes off to work as an Integrative Naturopath in their Clinic iNaturally.

Together they form an awesome team 🙂

Jeff loves to cook and Catherine loves to come up with healthy eating ideas.  They both love to eat simple yet delicious food made from wholefood ingredients and share those ideas with others.

Life as Chef Jeff and Naturopath is simply one of good healthy food for a good healthy life.

Jeff and Catherine xx