After a few days in Venice, the city with no cars but lots of carbs, we breathed a huge sigh of delight and relief at lunch on our first day in Trieste when this colourful and nutritious salad was placed on our table.

It’s tempting to stray off track when travelling but you don’t have to completely lose all sense of health – just saying……..

Healthy eating doesn’t have to be so hard when travelling

Just had to share.

You can easily throw together a healthy salad for lunch or dinner.  Include – protein (animal, plant or a mix of both), healthy oils (try avocado, olives, nuts, seeds), a range of colours in the vegetables (tomato, peppers), sprinkling of dried or fresh herbs (oregano, basil, taragon, parsley, coriander) and punchy flavours like red onion or rocket.

So good 🙂

Served with the popular Italian dressing of balsamic and olive oil, together with crusty bread laden with big seeds and grains.

Enjoy a healthy salad today.