Keeping an assortment of antipasto ingredients in your fridge can come in really handy on those days when you want a quick and tasty lunch or snack, especially on weekends.

We have an antipasto plate for lunch at least one day a week and the ingredients always vary.  You can always use up those little leftovers too.

Here’s some ideas for throwing together a tasty plate of morsels:

  • Cheese – any of your favourites like a sharp cheddar or even a soft brie will go deliciously with the various flavours and it wouldn’t be an antipasto plate without Feta!  Perhaps even a goat’s cheese
  • Salami – who doesn’t love a good Italian salami.  We always have a piece of hot salami in the fridge
  • Pate – not something that keeps for too long as a staple condiment in the fridge but as a special treat on a platter it’s awesome
  • Olives – well, of course!
  • Artichokes – the ones from your local deli are certainly tastier than those in a jar (just saying….)
  • Pickles – any of your favourite such as cucumbers (gherkins), small pickled capsicum, pickled onions, pickled cauliflower or carrot.  So many veggies to choose from
  • Dips – some of the more Middle Eastern inspired dips like hommus, baba ganoush, beetroot or carrot dip.  Whatever takes your fancy
  • Crackers or bread – we often choose a gluten free cracker or make our own lavosh style bread, but picking up a sourdough roll freshly baked works well.
  • Tomatoes – like the small cherry ones, sliced tomato or sundried/semi-dried tomatoes